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CyberPanel works with users, and there are 3 levels of users.

  • Root.
  • Reseller.
  • Normal User.


Administrator is a super user in CyberPanel, and with each install of CyberPanel a default administrator is created with following details

Username: admin

Password: 1234567

Administrator level user have no limits, it can create as many websites, reseller and normal users.


Resellers have to be created by administrators and they have limits, they can not edit server tuning configurations and if specified they can not create users more than the specified limit.

User Creation Limits:

Each reseller can create further Normal User accounts, User Creation limit is specified by the administrator and if exceeded reseller can not create more users than this limit.

Websites Creation Limit:

Resellers also have limit as to how many domains they including their users can create.

Normal Users

Normal users do not have any rights to create users, they can create new domains according to the limit specified by the administrator or reseller.

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