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 ====== Creating Users ====== ====== Creating Users ======
-CyberPanel supports ​three level of users, details can be found [[users|here]]. Let see how we can create ​**Reseller** and **Normal** users.+CyberPanel supports ​two level of users, details can be found [[users|here]]. Let see how we can create **Normal** users.
-==== Create ​Reseller ​====+**Note:** Earlier CyberPanel supported three level of users (including ​Reseller), which has been removed. Now we've Administrator and Normal User.
-Note: Any value that is set 0will be considered unlimited.+A normal user can not create websitesthe only administrator can create websites and assign them to different Normal users if needed.
-{{ ::create-reseller-account-cyberpanel.png?​600 ​|}} +There is an additional feature introduced named **[[child-domains|Child Domains]]**, once a user is assigned a websiteIt can create ​[[child-domains|child domains]] under itthe limit for child domains is set via [[packages|packages]].
- +
- +
-  - First click Create User from left side bar. +
-  - Select ​**Reseller** From Drop Down. +
-  - Set Users Creation Limit. +
-  - Set websites limit. +
- +
-Set other parameters as required and click createPlease note that reseller ​can further only create ​normal usersand normal users can not create any further users, they can only create websites. +
- +
-If a reseller have websites limit of 50, reseller websites including its normal users websites limit will not exceed this limit.+
 ==== Create Normal User==== ==== Create Normal User====
-Note: Any value that is set 0, will be considered unlimited. +{{ ::create-new-user-in-cyberpanel.png?​600 |}}
- +
-{{ ::create-normal-user-cyberpanel.png?​600 |}}+
-  - First click Create User from left side bar.+  - The first click Create User from the left sidebar.
   - Select **Normal User** From Drop Down.   - Select **Normal User** From Drop Down.
-  - Set Websites limit. 
-Now with websites limit setuser will not be able to create websites more than that.+Websites Limit has been replaced ​with child domainsso it has been removed while creating users.
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