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Change Log

1.6.0 RC 5

  • Added Services Page. (Restart, Stop major services)
  • Bug Fix to Website Creation.

Manual upgrade instructions!

1.6.0 RC 4

  • Fixes to WHMCS API.
  • Fixes to Backup Engine.

Manual upgrade instructions!

1.6.0 RC 3

  • Suspend/Un-Suspend Fixed.

1.6.0 RC 2

  • One Click Joomla Installer Added (With LSCache).
  • Bug Fix to SSL.
  • Bug fix to Alibaba Cloud (Aliyun) install process.
  • Bug fix to View Logs.

1.6.0 RC 1

  • PHP SuExec Added. (There is no extra burden, OpenLiteSpeed only forks processes when they are needed).
  • Home Made File Manager. (Upload Limit Issue Fixed).
  • Preview Websites. (Equivalent to Apache mod_userdir but user friendly URLs:
  • PHPMYAdmin Upload Limit Fixed.
  • Database creation error fixed. (Can not create database for domains more than 16 characters long)
  • FTP over TLS.
  • Reset admin password via command line.

Note: Use this release for fresh install, after it is fully tested it will be available for upgrade.


  • Child domains added, more details.
  • Added Allowed Domains limitation on packages to correspond with child domains.
  • Remote Transfer added. (Transfer accounts from remote CyberPanel server), more details.
  • Fixed issues in the backup engine.
  • Language updates.


  • Added option to cancel Backup Creation.
  • Added Translation Engine.
  • Chinese language officially supported.
  • Bug fixes for FTP issue (New installations), for old visit: Not Able to Connect with FTP
  • Bug Fixes to Backup Engine.


  • Bug Fixes to Backup Engine.


  • Added option to list databases and change password.
  • Added option to list FTP and change the ftp password.
  • Bug fix for the database name.
  • Bug fix in WordPress installation.
  • Can set custom path while creating ftp accounts.
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